Welcome to Fuji City

In-Game Description
"City has a big castle"
Warp Hierarchy

Fuji City is by far my favorite city to look at, especially from the mountaintop viewpoint. It has a decent selection of parts, some excellent teammates and a variety of things to do. Fuji City also contains one of the most frustrating aspects in the game: The Dreaded Maze. You may make it through once, but under 3 minutes is near impossible without a guide.

Race Tracks in this City

Ninja Temple Raceway

Rank C
Difficulty: ***
Recommended Parts:
Sports Tires, HG Off-Road Tires

Temple Raceway *

Rank B, Rank A
Difficulty: **
Recommended Parts:
Big Tires, Propellers

* Temple Raceway is the 2nd stage of the World Grand Prix.

Inhabitants that move to My City

Name Who Opens
Brian Fire Station
Coine Choro Q Coin Trader
Gichi House

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Highway Race ** Race at the clover shaped highway junction.
Whoever makes 1 lap first wins.
The roads are complicated so watch the lines carfully.
Sliding Door Race *** At the start signal, start driving.
The doors will open up as you approach them.
Whoever stops closest to the edge is the winner!
You won't see the goal until the door slides open!
Treasure Hunting Maze **** Get to the goal in 3 minutes.
Use the guide in Stamp 15 to help you.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #13
Found on your way from Peach Town to Fuji City, just before you drive over a big bridge.
Quick-Pic #14
Next door to Quick-Pic #13.
Quick-Pic #15
Behind Quick-Pic #14.
Quick-Pic #16
Next to Quick-Pic #15.
Quick-Pic #17
Located in the northwest direction of the Parts Shop in Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #18
In front of the shrine that lies on the west side of Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #19
South of the Q's Factory in Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #20
Head east of Paint Shop in Fuji City, and over the flight of stone steps. It's located south-east of Iwasuke's house.
Quick-Pic #21
Head west from the Paint Ship, which is located on the north side of the castle in Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #22
Head to the shrine in the western section of Fuji City. It lies on the road that runs south-west, where you can see a view of the town.
Quick-Pic #23
On the north-west side of the castle in Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #24
Go to the hourglass-shaped pond on the western side of Fuji City. It's to the south of the pond, near the Dumpling Cake shop.
Quick-Pic #25
Next to the Q's Factory in Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #26
Lies next to Q's Factory in Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #27
Is in front of the on-ramp of the highway located south of Fuji City.

Choro Q Coin Hints

  • Behind the fence near the arched bridge, which is before Island Bridge.
  • In the pond near the dumpling cake shop.
  • Near the castle's east wall.
  • Under the bridge that crosses the castle moat.
  • Look for a coin behind the shrine.
  • Behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 22, which is south of the shrine.
  • Behind the fortune-telling shop, near the shrine.
  • Behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 25, which is next door to Q's Factory.
  • On your way out of Fuji City, behind a fence near Hakosuke's house.
  • This one may be difficult. There is a coin in the ocean, under Island Bridge.
  • South of Fuji City, at the highway entrance.
  • South of Fuji City, under the highway.
  • Another coin under the highway, near an exit.
  • Near Iwasuke's house. The main road to Iwasuke's house is blocked by rocks and stone steps. You must find another way.

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