Welcome to Chestnut Canyon

In-Game Description
"City of steep rocky valleys"
Warp Hierarchy

Chestnut Canyon is a small village built on a range of mountain cliffs. There's not much to do here, but you can create a personal greeting that the townspeople here will use.

Race Tracks in this City

Miner 49er Raceway

Rank C, Rank A
Difficulty: *****
Recommended Parts:
Big Tires

Lava Run Raceway *

Rank B, Rank A
Difficulty: **
Recommended Parts:
Any off-road tires

* Lava Run Raceway is the 5th stage of the World Grand Prix.

Inhabitants that move to My City

Name Who Opens
Kuwano House
Saucey Park

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Rock Climbing *** The rocky mountain is very steep.
So you will not be able to climb so easily.
Find the route you can climb.
Climb in 2 minutes.
Volcano Course ***** You have to make it to the toolbox in 1 minute 10 seconds! Don't fall!
There really is no strategy to this, Just good Brakes and Practice.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #60
Head south from Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon. Do not go down the canyon.
Quick-Pic #61
West of Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon.
Quick-Pic #62
Located to the north of Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon.
Quick-Pic #63
South of Quick-Pic #62.
Quick-Pic #64
Go to the other side of the canyon that lies to the west of Q's Factory in Chestnut Canyon. The shop is located in the north-east direction.

Choro Q Coin Hints

  • On the cliff near Quick-Pic Shop No. 61 in Chestnut Canyon.
  • On the cliff behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 60 in Chestnut Canyon.
  • Over the waterfall and downstream of the river which flows near Chestnut Canyon.
  • Behind the house of May Carton in Chestnut Canyon.
  • Bar in Chestnut Canyon.., Yes! It's just behind this place.
  • To the south of Chestnut Canyon, it's on the right side at the end of the tunnel that lies on the way from Chestnut Canyon to Sandopolis.

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