Welcome to Mushroom Road

In-Game Description
"Mushroom grows around the road"
Warp Hierarchy

This small niche city contains only a few things, namely golf and a lake goddess, but no cars! Maybe it's just me, but the goddess reminds me of the waterfall fairy in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Anyways, the parts shop sells good tires, and there are three different races, but other than that, there's not much to do here.

Race Tracks in this City

River Raceway

Rank C
Difficulty: ***
Recommended Parts:
Any off-road tires

Slick Track *

Rank C, Rank A
Difficulty: ****
Recommended Parts:
HG Wet Tires or Big Tires, Jet Turbine

Oval Raceway

Rank B
Difficulty: **
Recommended Parts:
HG Racing Tires

* Slick Track is the 7th stage of the World Grand Prix.

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Golf *** There are a total of 9 holes.
Hit the ball by bumping into it, and try to knock it into the hole.
All you have to do is drop the ball into each hole.
Try to finish the course within or under the par.
Par is a certain number of golf strokes for each hole.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #65
Located to the south of Q's Factory in Mushroom Road.
Quick-Pic #66
Head towards the east from here. The shop is to the west of the pond.
Quick-Pic #67
Located to the west of Q's Factory in Mushroom Road.
Quick-Pic #68
Next door to Quick-Pic #67.
Quick-Pic #69
Next to Golf, which is in the east of Mushroom Road.
Quick-Pic #70
Head north from the road that runs westward form Q's Factory in Mushroom Road. It lies just before a bridge.

Choro Q Coin Hints

  • Look in the river that flows near Mushroom Road.
  • Below the billboard on Q's Factory in Mushroom Road.
  • On the bridge near Quick-Pic Shop No. 70 in Mushroom Road.
  • Look under the mushrooms that grow around the bridge near Quick-Pic Shop No. 70 in Mushroom Road.
  • Check right behind the juice bar on Mushroom Road.


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