Items: Collectibles

There are collectibles to decorate your garage with which can found or won throughout the world.

Name Description
Stylish Pattern Garage interior. It's trendy!
Flower Pattern Garage interior. There are lots of flowers.
Sky Pattern Garage interior. Clear Blue Sky.
Soccer Pattern Garage interior. Always ready to play soccer!
UFO Pattern Garage interior. Let's travel to outer space!
Hide-out Pattern Garage interior. Looks like a hide-out!
Room with a view! Garage interior. You can see the mountains!
Urban Pattern Garage interior. It makes you feel high!
Summer Pattern Garage interior. Relax in the summer sun!
Arctic Pattern Garage interior. Turns into a chilly room.
Local Peach Wine Sweet Aroma. Store it for a special occasion.
Peach Doll Peach Town doll. A perfect doll!
Gold Ornament It is sparkling in my garage.
Policeman's Club Common gift. Might look good on the wall.
Mini-Tower Unpopular, but might look good in the garage
Toy Gun It looks cool.
M. Carton's Painting Too artistic? Well, let's just hang it.
Model Train Nice for display. I hope you like trains.
Christmas Tree It's already Christmas!
UnbaboDoll He looks real and scary, but let's keep it in the garage.
Papaya Ukulele Imagine its great sound!
Angel's Wings Could angels fly with such small wings?
God's Rod A plain stick? I'll just keep it in the garage.
Coin Radar Shows the ChoroQ coins of the map.
Peach It's very big. Looks delicious.

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