Items: Parts

The Parts Shop, There is one in every city. Each progressive city has better parts, The Parts Shop in My City has all the parts from each Parts Shop you have visited.

The My City Parts Shop also has some parts that you obtain from special activities within the game, for instance this is the only place you can buy the Big Tyres after you have unlocked them from Coine.


Name Cost Location
Normal N/A Default Part
Sports 1000 Peach Town
Semi-Racing 2000 Fulji City
Racing 5000 Sandpolis
HG Racing 10000 My City
Wet 2000 Mushroom Road
HG Wet 3000 Mushroom Road
Off Road 500 Peach Town
HG Off Road 3000 Sandpolis
Studless 1000 White Mountain
HG Studless 3000 White Mountain
Big 5000 My City


Name Cost Location
Normal N/A Default Part
Panther 500 Peach Town
Blue Max 1000 Fuji City
Blue Max V2 1500 Sandpolis
Mad 2000 Sandpolis
Mad V2 4000 Mushroom Road
Long Mad 8000 White Mountain
Black Max 12000 Papaya Island
RS Magnum 16000 Papaya Island
Speed Max 20000 My City
Hyper Max 80000 My City
Devil Engine N/A Cloud Hill


Name Cost Location
Normal N/A Default Part
Light 500 Fuji City
Feather 1000 Sandpolis
Phantom 2000 Papaya Island
Hyper 4000 My City


Name Cost Location
Normal N/A Default part
Sports 1000 Fuji City
Power 2000 Mushroom Road
Speed 4000 Papaya Island
Wide 7000 My City
Hyper 1000 My City


Name Cost Location
Normal N/A Default Part
Quick 500 Peach Town
X2 Quick 1000 Sandpolis
X3 Quick 2000 My City


Name Cost Location
Normal Pad N/A Default Part
Soft Pad 1000 Peach Town
Hard Pad 1500 White Mountain
Metal Pad 2000 My City


Name Cost Location
Normal 500 Default Part
Mesh 500 Peach Town
Spoke 1 500 Peach Town
Spoke 2 500 Fuji City
Spoke 3 500 White Mountain
Spoke 4 500 Cloud Hill
Spoke 5 500 Cloud Hill
Spoke 6 500 Papaya Island
Spoke 7 500 My City
Flush 1 500 Sandpolis
Flush 2 500 Papaya Island
Flush 3 500 Mushroom Road
Flush 4 500 Sandpolis
Flush 5 500 Cloud Hill
Spoke 666 500 Cloud Hill

Wing Set

Name Cost Location
Wing Set 3000 UnderSea Ruins

Special Parts

Name Cost Location
Propeller 3000 UnderSea Ruins
Jet Turbine 1000 Papaya Island


Name Cost Location
Water Ski 3000 Papaya Island
Police Light 1000 My City
Flight Wing 5000 Cloud Hill
Billboard 1 - Coffee Shop N/A Peach Town
Billboard 2 - Noodle Shop N/A Fuji City
Billboard 3 - Cake Shop N/A Sandpolis
Billboard 4 - Wool Shop N/A White Mountain
Billboard 5 - Coconut Shop N/A Papaya Island


Name Cost Location
Sticker 1000 Sandpolis


Name Cost Location
Normal Horn N/A Default Part
Air Horn 1000 Peach Town
Echo Air Horn 1000 Sandpolis
Bus Horn 1000 Sandpolis
Bicycle Bell 1000 Papaya Island
Venus Horn 1000
Chicken Horn 1000
Fantasy Horn 1000
Trumpet Horn 1000
Christmas Horn 1000
Duck Horn 1000
Space Horn 1000 Cloud Hill
Horse Horn 1000
Baby Horn 1000
Train Horn 1000


Name Cost Location
Normal Meter N/A
Digital Meter 100 Peach Town
Chronometer 100 Fuji City
Cherry Meter 100
Love Sick Meter 100
Triangle Meter 100 Sandpolis
Space Meter 100
Duck Meter 100 Cloud Hill
Rainbow Meter 100
Devil Meter N/A Cloud Hill

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