Welcome to My City

In-Game Description
"Your own city to develop"
Warp Hierarchy

My City is the most useful and complete city in the game. Basically, you tell people about your town, and they'll move there and open up all kinds of houses and shops. It has everything you'll need and will eventually become the hub for all activities and purchases in the game. It contains My Garage and innumerable mini-games and teammates. Plus, it's fun to watch your town grow and develop.

Race Tracks in this City

Endurance Run

Special Races
Difficulty: ***
Recommended Parts:
HG Racing Tires

Inhabitants that move here

Name Who Opens From
Accel Police Station Peach Town
Cobran Park Peach Town
Flower House Peach Town
Gonzo Q's Factory Peach Town
Ramsey Body Shop Peach Town
Brian Fire Station Fuji City
Coine Choro Q Coin Trader Fuji City
Gichi House Fuji City
Akiban Tunnel Race Sandpolis
Dayan Which - Way Race Sandpolis
George Cinema Sandpolis
Roberts Tower Sandpolis
Ryoji School Sandpolis
Kuwano House Chestnut Canyon
Saucey Park Chestnut Canyon
Manei Bank White Mountain
Sally House White Mountain
Suess Parts Shop White Mountain
Kite Recycle Shop Papaya Island
Mien House Papaya Island
Nouri Paint Shop Papaya Island

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Tunnel Race ** Whoever completes a single lap with the vehicle that have the same performance wins.
Which-way? Race *** Remember the combination of colors on the color plates that appear while you drive along the course.
They will lead you the right way when the road separates.
Choose the road you think is the correct match.
If you get it right, the course continues.
You need to correctly choose all five roads within their time limit.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #28
North east of the Wonder Realty building in My City. (Only available after My City is complete).
Quick-Pic #29
In the middle of My City. (Only available after completing the Endurance Run in My City).

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