Guide: Stamp 48 - Cleared Q's Rally!

How to get Stamp 48

Visit the Rally Center (large red building) in the Northwestern part of My City and begin the Q's Rally. The rally is a race that goes all around the world.

Note: You need to have visited every city including My City, Meaning you need a Q's Factory built by meeting Gonzo in Peach Town.

Here's a quick guide on the rally:
1st Checkpoint: Sandpolis
Recommended Parts: HG Racing Tires

2nd Checkpoint: Chestnut Canyon
Recommended Parts: HG Off-Road Tires or Big Tires

3rd Checkpoint: White Mountain
Recommended Parts: Big Tires

4th Checkpoint: Peach Town
Recommended Parts: Big Tires

5th Checkpoint: My City
Recommended Parts: HG Racing Tires

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