Welcome to Peach Town

In-Game Description
"Town full of peach trees"
Warp Hierarchy

Peach Town is the city you'll start your game in. It offers a limited selection of parts, but the races here are the fastest way to make money in the first half of the game. Peach Town also has a large number of good teammates to choose from, which will be invaluable early on.

Race Tracks in this City

Peach Raceway

Rank C, Rank B
Difficulty: *
Recommended Parts:
Any Racing Tires

Peach Raceway II *

Rank A
Difficulty: *
Recommended Parts:
HG Racing Tires

* Peach Raceway II is the 1st stage of the World Grand Prix.

Inhabitants that move to My City

Name Who Opens
Accel Police Station
Cobran Park
Flower House
Gonzo Q's Factory
Ramsey Body Shop

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Barrel Dodging ** Grandpa Tal's barrels will come rolling down the hill.
You must dodge the barrels to get to Grandpa Tal's house.
The white line is the goal.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #1
Located to the south of a big peach tree, in the north of Peach Town.
Quick-Pic #2
Just east of Quick-Pic #1, near the river banks.
Quick-Pic #3
In the north of Peach Town, behind Kinsera's peach orchard house.
Quick-Pic #4
From the Q's Factory in Peach Town, head west past Kevin's mom's house. Keep heading west, It's on the north side.
Quick-Pic #5
Behind Mr. Wolf's house, which is to the west of the paint shop in Peach Town.
Quick-Pic #6
Located towards the east of Q's Factory in Peach Town.
Quick-Pic #7
Near Grandpa Tal's cave, in the east of Peach Town. It's on the hill above the cave.
Quick-Pic #8
Located off the road to the east, on the way from Peach Town to Fuji City.
Quick-Pic #9
Located to the east of Q's Factory in Peach Town.
Quick-Pic #10
Next door to Quick-Pic #9.
Quick-Pic #11
Near the mouth of the river that runs on the northern side of Peach Town.
Quick-Pic #12
On the way from Peach Town to Fuji City, on top of a hill that is located just before you hit the beach.

Choro Q Coin Hints

  • Somewhere behind Kinsera's house.
  • On the street next to Kevin's mom's house.
  • Inside a triangular shrub in Peach Town's Y-junction.
  • Hilltop behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 5, that is near a tunnel across from Peach FM in Peach Town.
  • On Barrel Hill behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 7 in Peach Town.
  • The bar in Peach Town... Yes! It should be right next to here.
  • Behind Milton's house in Peach Town.
  • On the road towards Peach Town's peach tree.
  • Under the bridge near Peach Town's peach tree.
  • On the hilltop near Peach Town's peach tree.
  • Near the mouth of a river, north of Peach Town.
  • North of Quick-Pic Shop No. 11, located to the northwest of Peach Town.
  • To the northwest of Peach Town, near the ocean cliffs.
  • If you take the river, in the north of Peach Town, towards the west. It's in the river there.
  • It's in the river in front of Quick-Pic Shop No. 86, which is near the windmill that lies to the west of Peach Town.
  • It's behind a sign on a road that runs south to Fuji City from Peach Town.
  • Head south of Peach Town, and it's behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 12.
  • Near an ocean road, south of Peach Town... on a beach just past a yellow landmark.
  • South of Peach Town, through a road with a sign that reads Next City... there, before the big Island Bridge, it sits between a bunch of boxes.
  • South of Peach Town, through a road sign that reads Next City... there, it sits between Quick-Pic Shop No. 14 and a warehouse.
  • If you follow a road that reads Next City from Peach Town, buildings appear before you hit the big Island Bridge... it's just west of there - beachside.

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