Welcome to Cloud Hill

In-Game Description
"Floating island with rainbow"
Warp Hierarchy

Cloud Hill feels like an exclusive member's club in the sky. Certain items and areas won't be available until you complete almost everything in the game. But available right off the bat are some excellent teammates, great parts and cool bodies.

Race Tracks in this City

Tin Raceway

Special Races
Difficulty: *****
Recommended Parts:
HG Racing Tires

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Rainbow Jump ***** When you hear the start signal, choose the best position to accelerate!
From there, accelerate and jump!
Can you land on the floating island?
Don't fall short or go too far!
Single Lap Race *** This city is the racing course.
There will be only 1 lap, so payattention!
The race ends if you fall off the course.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #97
Located to the north of the pain shop in Cloud Hill.
Quick-Pic #98
Located next to Smiley's house on the north side of Cloud Hill.
Quick-Pic #99
Located to the east of Travis' house, on the west side of Cloud Hill.
Quick-Pic #100
Right across from Quick-Pic #99.

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