Welcome to Sandpolis

In-Game Description
"City of glaring neon lights"
Warp Hierarchy

Sandpolis is the first big city you'll find on your adventure. It's packed with places to see and things to do, most importantly of which is the soccer mini-game. While you may find it easy to beat the computer, playing soccer against your friends is a blast. It can't be overstated; this is a big city. It may take you a while to find all of the houses here.

Race Tracks in this City

Desert Raceway

Rank C, Rank B
Difficulty: **
Recommended Parts:
Any Off-Road Tires

Night Glow Raceway *

Rank B, Rank A
Difficulty: ****
Recommended Parts:
HG or Big Tires

* Night Glow Raceway is the 3rd stage of the World Grand Prix.

Inhabitants that move to My City

Name Who Opens
Akiban Tunnel Race
Dayan Which - Way Race
George Cinema
Roberts Tower
Ryoji School

Mini Games in this City

Name Difficulty Rules
Drag Race ** It's a 400-meter track.
Whoever crosses the line first wins.
Figure 8 **** There are 5 steps in all.
Before the start, check a route.
Aim for the goal, following the determined route.
5 seconds will be added to your time for each cone you touch so please be careful.
Roulette N/A Pick where you want to bet.
Enter the amount of your wager.
You'll jump in the roulette in place of the ball.
If you win, you get money.
Soccer ** It is a 3-on-3 format.
Whoever scores 3 points first wins.
You'll be teamed with your racing teammates, so having good parts can be a benefit.

Quick-Pic Shops in this City

Quick-Pic #30
Found on the your way towards Sandpolis from My City. It lies near the south exit of the clover-shaped interchange.
Quick-Pic #31
Across Diagonally from Quick-Pic #30.
Quick-Pic #32
South of Quick-Pic #31.
Quick-Pic #33
Just east of Quick-Pic #32.
Quick-Pic #34
Located far up north from Quick-Pic #33.
Quick-Pic #35
East of Quick-Pic #34.
Quick-Pic #36
Across from the big, yellow hotel on the north side of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #37
Head north from the soccer ball-shaped building located on the north side of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #38
Further north of the Q's Factory in Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #39
Across from Quick-Pic #38
Quick-Pic #40
Towards the north of here.
Quick-Pic #41
Located south of Quick-Pic #40.
Quick-Pic #42
East of Q's Factory in Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #43
To the east of the bar, which is in the west of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #44
West of the Q's factory in Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #45
Across from Quick-Pic #44.
Quick-Pic #46
Located to the west of the bar, which is in the west of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #47
Head north from the soccer ball-shaped building, which is loacated on the north side of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #48
Head south-east from the center of the big ruins, that lie to the west of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #49
Further north of Quick-Pic #48.
Quick-Pic #50
Head south-west from the center of the big ruins that lie to the west of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #51
North of Quick-Pic #50.
Quick-Pic #52
Near the highway that runs between Sandpolis and Chestnut Canyon. Take the underpass of the highway, and it's on the east side.
Quick-Pic #53
East of Quick-Pic #52.
Quick-Pic #54
Next door to Quick-Pic #53.
Quick-Pic #55
Located on the way to Picarl's Lighthouse, which is west of Sandpolis.
Quick-Pic #56
Located towards the west of Quick-Pic #55.
Quick-Pic #57
Located towards the west from Quick-Pic #56.
Quick-Pic #58
Located just after entering the tunnel going from Sandpolis to Chestnut Canyon.
Quick-Pic #59
Next to Quick Pic #58

Choro Q Coin Hints

  • Behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 37 in Sandopolis.
  • Next to Chocolate's cake shop.
  • When you go into Mr. King's mansion, it's on the right side.
  • Between the big yellow hotel buildings.
  • Between a wall and a house next to Barton's house near Quick-Pic Shop No. 41.
  • Behind Rombo's police station.
  • Under the highway ramp where it intersects the highway, on the way from Sandopolis to Chestnut Canyon.
  • By the sign that reads Next City located on a road in the very west of Sandopolis.
  • In front of the house of a criminal named Butch.
  • On your way to the ruins, which are on the west of Sandopolis.
  • From the center of the ruins, on the west of Sandopolis, head west.
  • Follow the underpass of the highway going from Sandopolis to Chestnut Canyon.
  • Behind Picarl's lighthouse in south-west Sandopolis.
  • Between the corals in the sea, to the west of the lighthouse in southwest Sandopolis.
  • Head south from the soccer star in Mr. King's mansion.
  • Next to Quick-Pic Shop No. 31 to the east of Sandopolis.
  • In the center of the clover-shaped junction, located to the east of Sandopolis.
  • To the east of Quick-Pic Shop No. 30, located to the east of Sandopolis.
  • Head south from a sign located between Quick-Pic Shop No. 32 and No. 33 to the east of Sandopolis. The coin is in the ocean.
  • It's near the cliff located to the south-east of My City, which is to the east of Sandopolis.
  • It's near the cliff located to the east of My City, which is to the east of Sandopolis.
  • Behind Quick-Pic Shop No. 52, located to the north-west of Sandopolis.
  • Head north-west from Quick-Pic Shop No. 53, located to the north of Sandopolis.
  • Check the most north-eastern ruin of the 5 ruins located to the west of Sandopolis.

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