Guide: Stamp 7 - Gave a magazine!

How to get Stamp 7

  • The person who needs the magazine gives you a hero card.
  • There's someone in Sandpolis who collects cards and gives you a cute doll.
  • You give the cute doll to the Semi (a Lorry Cab) in Chestnut Canyon who in turn gives you some Japanese Relief.
  • Take the relief go to Fuji City and see the actor (in a house), the actor in turn gives you his autograph.
  • Go up to White Mountain and give the autograph to the SUV driving around the frozen lake; she gives you a rice ball.
  • Go to Cloud Hill to give it to the black and white Acura outside the Parts Shop and he gives you a Canary Flute.
  • Go to Papaya Island and give the flute to the Green and Brown Cosmo on the small island, he gives you a magazine.
  • Then back to Peach Town to give the magazine.

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